Product Line

KRYSTAL® Nature’s Alkaline Water comes in iconic, fully recyclable Glass & PET bottles in a range of sizes.

250ml bottle
250ml Glass Bottle
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380ml bottle
380ml PET Bottle
580ml bottle
580ml PET Bottle
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750ml bottle
750ml Glass Bottle
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KRYSTAL®'s Iconic Bottles

PET Bottle

KRYSTAL® ’s iconic, acid and alkaline resistant PET bottles magnify and accentuate the pristine pureness of Nature's Alkaline Water.

Glass Bottle
To compliment your luxury lifestyle, KRYSTAL®’s glass bottles are exemplars of the finest quality. Designed for elegance, with ultra-high resistance to changes in acidity and alkalinity, the bottle allows Nature’s Alkaline Water to reach you in the same quality and purity as if you were drinking it yourself directly from the source.