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A volcanic area of pure beauty and natural wonder, the pristine Lesser Khingan Mountains lies on the remote Chinese-Siberian frontier. It is from here that KRYSTAL® water is filtered through layers of volcanic, natural mineral rock over thousands of years, before reaching the Beian aquifer, where KRYSTAL® is extracted and bottled with the most advanced automated facilities.


The Beian aquifer, buried hundreds of meters below the Earth’s crust, creates a fresh alkaline water cavern that has remained undiscovered for thousands of years. Over the passage of distance and time, the water that reaches this natural aquifer absorbs minerals and trace elements that are known for their health enhancing qualities.


A team of international scientists has declared the Beian aquifer, the source of KRYSTAL®, to be rich in minerals and trace elements including bicarbonate, calcium, magnesium, metasilicic acid, potassium, silica, sodium, strontium, and sulfates.


Consumption of these trace minerals together with the natural alkaline level of the water has been shown to be health enhancing.


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